About Us

Email customer support is a third party company which provides help in contrast to the issues and queries faced by valuable customers. There are a lot of times when people face problems while using free emailing platforms such as Yahoo and Gmail. When people face such issues, they get in touch with us through various methods and we, in turn, provide them with the solution to their issues and problems.
We do not use the names of any emailing platforms hence, we do not intend to become a barrier between these companies and their customers. There are a number of service providers just like us, broadly speaking, however, we are widely different from the others in the same business. We do not aim at profit maximization but our soul purpose customer satisfaction. We, at Email Customer Support, understand the worth of customer satisfaction hence, we do what all it takes to give our customers what they expect from us.
We are a team of learned individuals who are certified technicians and are capable enough to deal with even the most complex issues related to the free emailing platforms. Our technicians are trained to be patient when dealing with a customer, we listen first, try to understand your issues, and only then proceed with guiding you about the solution to the trouble you are facing.

What are the means to get in touch with us?

There are different means through which you can get in touch with us. Namely, toll-free numbers, email service, and even free live chat system. These all services are available to you 24*7. Our technicians are at the place all the time in order to help you at the time you feel the need, not before and not after.
We believe that our valuable customers can feel our need or can face any issues with the free emailing platforms at any time, hence we came up with toll-free 24*7 customer care numbers. So, whenever you are in a trouble in relation to the free emailing platforms, just pick your phone and call us on our toll-free number, get in touch with us through emails or even use the live chatting method.

We keep customer’s convenience in mind

We know that it gets very frustrating when you face an issue and you call a customer service helpline number and are told to wait for you are in the queue. We keep our customer’s convenience in our mind all the time, hence, we have for you minimum call waiting time. When you call us or email us, we do not tell you to wait, we connect you directly to our technicians who wait eagerly to help you with your queries with full dedication and patience.
We record each call so, there is no chance that any of the technicians misbehaves with you or denies help to you. With Email Customer Support, be sure that we will be of use to you at all times.

What all can we help you with?

Our skilled team can help you with various types of issues related to the free emailing platforms. Yahoo and Gmail are in themselves big names when talking about emailing platforms, but even they might have some of the common glitches, to deal with which we incorporated our existence.
Here is the list of things we can help you with.

● We can help you with a hacked account. We have a dedicated a team for dealing with the accounts that have been hacked. We have some unique methods of retrieving your account.
● If you have forgotten your password and got locked out of your account, all you need to do is get in touch with us and get all your issues sorted.
● Are you receiving emails from accounts you don't want to? Email us your query and get these accounts blocked instantly. These are not the only services we provide to you. At Email Customer Support we have a wide set of services to offers to you. No matter how pretty or complex your issues is just call us and get satisfied with what all we have to guide you with.